My daughter (Theanna Alleyne) has been working with the organization for some months. Theanna is naturally creative and has the biggest heart and most genuinely loving spirit of anyone I have ever known. Throughout the years, at schools and in the “real world” of work, her talents and nature had been stifled. When CFG requested team members, I believed that it would be an ideal space for her. Throughout the time that Theanna has been with CFG, I have witnessed such a joy and appreciation and commitment that can not be measured. I have witnessed my daughter express such overwhelming love and gratitude for the organization, her CFG family, and I have seen her brought to tears through her experiencing the genuine value of the projects.

I am so thankful for CFG because you have gotten it SO RIGHT!!!  I am so thankful that you give so many young people a sense of honorable worth. I am so thankful that your team, your family, is able to love (your philanthropic duties, your advocacy, the persons that you assist in each sector and the persons who work with CFG).

I humbly thank you. I sincerely appreciate your past and present good and I pray that CFG continues to prosper in every way imaginable!

– Frances Browne

Createfuturegood has raised not only awareness of children’s rights they have also raised the bar within the Caribbean through its targeted,innovative and inclusive approaches.

– Akoshua Andall

My name is Babi and  I’m 15 years old. I first found out about createfuturegood in 2016, which was when I took part in painting a mural that spread awareness on gender based violence amongst teens. This was a two-week project where I learned new information about this topic and the major role it plays in Trinidad and Tobago. I also participated in a couple other projects where we worked with children to paint walls, park benches and tables. Createfuturegood allows volunteers to work alongside communities to make positive changes. The organization helps transform areas with the use of art and enables people to express themselves through art.

– Babi Oura