Meet the Team

Nadella Oya is our Director. She is creative and strategic and loves children. A bit on the effervescent mad-hatter side, she pours her passion and love and expertise into fulfilling our purpose everyday of life.

Tonya Evans manages our Projects and Operations. She is creative and thorough and loves children. She is hardcore when it comes to all the logistics involved in making a project successful. Really hardcore.

Erica Ashton

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Abdul Majeed Abdal Karim is our resident writer and spoken word poet. He is one of the creative minds behind the script writing for some of our media projects and promotions. A natural performer he can be found both in front of the camera and sometimes behind, assisting with directing along side Nadella.

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Journee Cunningham is one of our young volunteers from Bishop Anstey’s High School whose love for children and helping people lead her to Create Future Good. She hopes to use the knowledge and skills gained through working with us to help prepare her for her future as an Occupational Therapist.

Mikhail Alexander is a member of our Media Team as a Production Assistant and our resident Fashion Model. When he’s not working his magic in front of the camera, or on set behind the cameras, he is always lending a hand wherever he can. His goal is to use his skills to help raise awareness about Children’s Rights both locally and internationally.

Liselle Hepburn is

Kai Hopkinson is one of our young volunteers with a deep love for people, especially children. She believes in helping other reach their full potential through creative expression and celebration of individuality.

Asia Dial is a young change maker volunteering with Create Future Good. She hopes to help make a positive change for the future generations of Children through Advocacy, Awareness and Activism.

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Brandon Mohammed is one of the key members of our Media Team and is rarely ever seen without a smile. Like many of us at Create Future Good, Brandon wears many hats and is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. His main responsibilities are graphic design and media production.

Theanna Alleyne is another member of Create Future Good who take on a number of roles in addition to her main responsibilities. She works closely with both Tonya and Nadella and is constantly in pursuit of new knowledge and experiences. Her goal is to help make the world a better place through developed work with children and the adults who protect them.

Renee Bobb-Semple is our resident expert when it comes to our Child Protection Education Programmes. She is determined to make a difference within the educational and vocational training sectors, by developing and implementing successful programmes and providing support to students and academics alike.

Lystia Mulzac is one of our young volunteers with a love for the arts as well as children. She assists in teaching music at St. Patrick Newton Girls RC and is also an advocate for Children’s Rights.

Omeirah Wiggins is one of our young volunteers on our Art Team. She has a fun loving spirit and shares Create Future Good’s goal of raising awareness for Children’s Rights.

Kyle Fraser –

Kim Bailey –

Karla Gonzales is a well traveled, experienced musician, dancer and actress. She uses her talent to help Create Future Good in fulfilling our purpose

Nekisha Sorias is our head coordinator for the Education Team at Create Future Good. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education and in combination with our work in regards to Children’s Rights, she is free to express her love for children and the arts.

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