Rock City Park Beautification
The Embassy partnered with NGO Create Future Good and the Interagency Police in Laventille to beautify Rock City Park last Saturday.

Create Future Good – Dedicated to children’s rights
In 2012, nine schools engaged in createAwareness workshops which focused specifically on Article 19 of the Unicef Convention on the Rights of a Child, which guarantees children protection against abuse, neglect and violence.

Createfuturegood Run Workshops in TCI to Help Children Realise Their Power For A Better World
Createfuturegood – the most active and effective Children’s Rights and Child Protection NGO in the Caribbean, started their “I Have The Power” Campaign with 63 high-school students from TCI.

Creating future good through youth training
Createfuturegood, which is based in Trinidad and Tobago, was responsible for planning and executing the training. Exercises included workshops in advocacy, design, TV production, writing and presentation.

Children’s rights project celebrates
Createfuturegood then worked alongside the students to produce messages, paint murals and develop advertisements for television and the Internet—turning their awareness into advocacy.

Teens Raising Awareness for Gender Based Violence
From the 12th to the 21st of July, Createfuturegood a non-profit organization based in Trinidad and Tobago, hosted a workshop for young artists and activists to raise awareness for gender based violence amongst teens.

Beetham Gardens Children’s Magic Wall Brings The Dreams of The Community to Life
The Beetham Gardens Children’s Magic Wall is the longest mural in the Caribbean and is a vivid work of public art which features messages developed by the children on children’s rights, child protection, and the dreams the children have for themselves and their community.

OHA Honours! 2017
Over the last 6 years, Nadella and her team have worked diligently to ensure that children’s rights are promoted through various methods, such as the creation of YouTube videos, hosting workshops at schools and artistic projects, such as the Beetham Gardens Children’s Magic Wall.

Bishop women wear their pride
Past Bishop Anstey High School students, both locally and abroad, showed their support for former student and newly inaugurated President Paula-Mae Weekes by wearing their school tie in various fashions.

Universal Children’s Day: Launch of the Child Rights Ambassadors
The Ministry extends special thanks to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), City Hall, Port-of-Spain, Createfuturegood, Movietowne, Nestle and Holiday Snacks who were our sponsors.

createAWARENESS: Teaching children to protect themselves from abuse, neglect, violence and harm!
Teaching children to prevent and protect themselves from abuse! Watch the video! Share it! Like the page! Spread the word (only if you believe it is important)! Support the cause! Help us to gain momentum on a crucial and life-saving issue! Let us know who needs a programme or workshop like this! Volunteer! Comment! Help our children for a better world!