Our Purpose

We help children to enjoy their rights through creative interventions, shaping conscious adults who will make a better world.

Why we do it

The rights of a child to be fairly treated, educated, loved, protected and respected are violated every day, the world over. We believe that the articles outlined in the UN Declaration of the rights of a child should be a reality for all children and we work towards ensuring these basic but important rights are known, understood, enjoyed and upheld by everyone.

What we do

We use creativity and innovation to raise awareness about the rights of a child, and help people, communities, schools, government and other stakeholders understand the need to protect children and uphold their rights.

How we do it

Our clear focus is to create massive social impact through positive behavior change. We use the awareness, advocacy and activism of childrens rights through a variety of interventions (media, art, campaigns) using creative expression and innovative projects and programs. These interventions are targeted at children and their caregivers with the overarching goal of shaping mindful, conscious and purposeful adults who in turn create future good. We build awareness and advocate for children’s rights through the use of creative mediums as a form of communication, expression and learning. Some of our work has taken the form of workshops, using art to express the messages children have internalized upon completion, as seen in the Beetham Garden’s Children’s Magic Wall. We have engaged schools to produce createAWARENESS and SPEAK UP campaigns. We partner with communities, private and public sector to ensure our work is far-reaching and purposeful.